3 things to know about this year's Frozen Assets Festival

Sixth annual event returns to Lake Mendota

It's no secret Madison locals love our lakes. And this weekend, area families have a chance to celebrate them and help preserve them during the Clean Lakes Alliance's 6th annual Frozen Assets Festival.

Drivers prepare for winter snowstorm

People plan to stay inside during winter storm

Drivers were preparing for the worst Saturday ahead of the snowstorm expected to hit Saturday night and into Sunday.

Cold doesn't stop Wonder Bugs from exploring

Kids learn through outdoor activities at nature center

The thought of a Wisconsin winter can make someone want to cozy up indoors, but the people at Aldo Leopold Nature Center in Monona always have a way to get outdoors.

Road salt shortage hits snow-removal contractors

It's not hard to remember last year's harsh winter, but private construction companies are still feeling the aftereffects. Contractors are battling a shortage of road salt this season, on top of skyrocketing prices.

Pipes freeze early this winter

Take time to winterize your home before the holidays

The quick cool-down this November is already wreaking havoc on homes whose owners weren't expecting winter so soon. Plumbers say they're already receiving calls for frozen and burst pipes.

Plans in place to avoid another propane shortage

Cold winter, corn drying increased propane use by 14 percent last year

With the return of the polar vortex and temperatures plunging across much of the state officials, with the Wisconsin Propane Gas Association said they are better prepared to avoid the kind of shortages that plagued the region last winter.

Dane County prepared to help homeless this winter

Salvation Army, Porchlight offer shelter to people in need

With bitter cold temperatures forecast to strike this week, Dane County's homeless service manager said the county is prepared to make sure the homeless currently living on the streets will have a safe and warm place to stay this winter.

There's no fast, easy way to deice your car

Wisconsin winters can break even the most devout fans of this state, but for someone moving to the Frozen Tundra from a coastal state it can be even worse. This past winter was exceptionally harsh, and though I made it through without losing any faith in my beloved state, Michelle Li, a new transplant and one of our news anchors, might not be able to say the same thing.

Winter road damage takes toll on vehicles

Bitter cold temperatures make for tough road conditions

A measure of how long and how cold this winter has been can be seen in the damage it has done to roads and highways.