Take a short drive to one of these 21 area wineries

There are a proliferating number of wineries in the area.

There’s an oversized cellar’s worth of high-quality wineries that offer not just an array of signature vintages for dry- or sweet-loving palates, but also unforgettably rustic and pastoral environs in which to drink them.

How Georgia's wine industry came back from oblivion

Six thousand years before Christ turned water into wine, the ancestors of modern-day Georgia were turning grapes into it. It's thanks to these imaginative Stone Age sapiens that today we enjoy Gamay from Beaujolais, Chianti from Tuscany, Rioja from Navarro and Cabernet Sauvignon everywhere from France to New Zealand.

World's best vineyards for 2019 revealed

Forget crumbling chateaux in the French countryside. For the ultimate vineyard vacation, try a Bond villain-style lair in the majestic mountains and valleys of South America.