Wineke: Sara Chang rocks the symphony

The Madison Symphony Orchestra's weekend concert features an all-Scandinavian program, one that might be expected to be both somewhat tense and somewhat dour.

Wineke review: Olga Kern dominates MSO stage

Madison loves pianist Olga Kern. She was almost awarded a standing ovation from the Madison Symphony Orchestra audience just for coming on stage, and when she left the stage a half-hour or so later the audience seemed perfectly happy applauding until she came back again and again.

Wineke: What's with these guys?

The world is in a time of peril. Russia has annexed part of Crimea. No one is quite sure what is happening in Afghanistan. Iraq seems mired in a new civil war. The civil war in Syria is destroying the country. It's kind of a dangerous situation out there.And the right wing in America sees it all as an opportunity to undermine the president.

Wineke review: Beethoven in March

Yefim Bronfman crosses the stage of the Overture Center to participate in the March all Beethoven concert of the Madison Symphony Orchestra. He sits down on a cushioned piano bench. Then magic starts to happen.

Wineke on friend, colleague Peter Brinkman

I met Peter Brinkman 50 years ago. He was the newly-appointed associate director of the Bethel Bible Study and I was the not-yet-official religion reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal.

Wineke Review: Madison Symphony review

John DeMain began his 20th season as music director and conductor of the Madison Symphony Orchestra this weekend by leading that orchestra in three pieces that showcased its quality.