Trailer park community without water for 3 days

15 homes without water after water main break Tuesday

The residents of about 15 homes in a mobile home community in Lake Mills are upset after a water main break cut their water source three days ago.

Historic future of water

For the last five or six years we've been watching the maturation of the science of water as an economic development strategy for the city of Milwaukee with growing excitement.

2 rescued after boat takes on water off Racine

Father, son safe; water patrol tows 18-foot vessel back to a boat launch

Rescuers have brought a stranded father and son safely back to shore after their fishing boat filled with water on Lake Michigan off Racine.

There's no fast, easy way to deice your car

Wisconsin winters can break even the most devout fans of this state, but for someone moving to the Frozen Tundra from a coastal state it can be even worse. This past winter was exceptionally harsh, and though I made it through without losing any faith in my beloved state, Michelle Li, a new transplant and one of our news anchors, might not be able to say the same thing.

What Shakespeare has in common with this winter

Subzero temperatures make keeping water troughs for animals full harder

Wisconsin farms and Shakespeare rarely collide in the same sentence, but given the frigid conditions, this could be the "winter of our discontent."

Some residents wait days to get water restored, officials say

Madison Water Utility brings in additional equipment to meet cold-weather needs

Officials with Madison Water Utility announced Thursday they have received calls from more than 100 customers who don't have water in their homes due to frozen laterals.

Crypto cases confirmed in Milwaukee area

Officials looking into pools, lakes as sources

Health officials confirm several cases of an illness caused by the waterborne parasite cryptosporidium in northern Milwaukee suburbs.

Seasonal Well 8 to be turned off Tuesday

Water tests revealed no PCE in Well 8 water, officials say

Madison Water Utility will take Well 8 on the east side out of service Tuesday to drain its reservoir, according to a release.

Madison promoting drinking of tap water with wagon

Madison water system works to promote tap water with 'water wagon' at events

Michelle Obama is in Wisconsin on Thursday to launch a campaign encouraging people to drink water, and public water systems are hoping the effort boosts the public perception of tap water.