Group Behind Walker Recall Has Links To Democratic Party

Members of United Wisconsin said that they're a grassroots, independent group trying to recall Gov. Scott Walker, but Republican leaders claim there are too many Democratic staffers involved to call the group "independent." VIDEO: Watch The Report READ: Walker Says He Doesn't Know How Much He'll Spend READ: Walker Supporters Hold Recall The Recall Event

Walker's Budget Targets Local Schools Funding

School leaders statewide were already bracing for steep cuts in education aid, but Gov. Scott Walker?s budget announcement on Tuesday could send shock waves through school districts as several proposals slash funding far deeper than some expected. READ: UW System Proposed To Take $250 Million Cut

Police Block Protesters From Entering State Capitol

Protests continued in downtown Madison, but those who showed up at the state Capitol on Monday were denied access to the building. VIDEO: Watch The Report READ: Overview Of Social Media On Capitol Protests SLIDESHOW: See Viewers' Photos Of Capitol Protest, Other Rallies (Vol. 5) SLIDESHOW: See Viewers' Photos Of Capitol Protest, Other Rallies (Vol. 6) SLIDESHOW: See More Photos Of State Capitol Protests UPLOAD: Share Photos Of Capitol Protest, Other Rallies

Listening Session At Capitol Finally Over

Democratic state lawmakers listened to testimony from citizens upset about Gov. Scott Walker's plan to eliminate collective bargaining for state workers for an extra five hours Wednesday morning, even though the hearing technically ended hours earlier. VIDEO: Governor Responds To Rallies Against Proposal VIDEO: Watch The Report VIDEO: Thousands Protest At Capitol VIDEO: UW Emeritus Professor Talks About Walker's Plan For Unions SLIDESHOW: See Images Of Capitol Protest VIDEO: See Line Of Those Seeking To Speak At Hearing SURVEY: Will Public Workers' Anger Stop Walker's Proposals?

Reality Check: Is Budget Bill Political Payback?

Everyone who works for the state or local governments would lose their right to negotiate everything from vacations to sick leave under Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill -- but some unions are exempted.

Anger At Walker's Proposals Grows

Rhetoric aimed at Gov. Scott Walker's plans to strip state unions of their bargaining power grew more heated over the weekend, and more protests are planned as the budget bill's swift timeline to move through the Legislature shows no sign of slowing down. SURVEY: Will Public Workers' Anger Stop Walker's Proposals?