Germany moves to criminalize upskirting

Germany's government has passed a bill that would criminalize upskirting, the abusive practice where someone takes unsolicited pictures or video under another person's clothing.

Number of deepfake videos online spikes

Deepfake videos are quickly becoming a problem, but there has been much debate about just how big the problem really is. One company is now trying to put a number on it.

Student fatally stabbed while onlookers took video

The 18-year-old accused of stabbing a high school student to death in a fight that was recorded on bystanders' phones pleaded not guilty Thursday, and his attorney said there is more to the story than what's depicted in the videos.

Video shows San Francisco Giants CEO, wife in physical altercation

Video captured by a bystander on Friday appears to show San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer arguing with his wife and trying to grab what looks like a cell phone out of her hand. In the ensuing scuffle, Pam Baer falls to the ground in the chair she was sitting in.