Veterans Day 2017

People around the United States are marking Veterans Day Nov. 11, honoring those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Dems try to enlist military vets in fight for House majority

ATLANTA (AP) - Democrats hope to enlist military veterans in another type of fight - for majority control of the House.Looking ahead to next year's elections, Democrats are trying to recruit at least two dozen military veterans to challenge Republican incumbents.Democrats say candidates with military on their resumes appeal to independent voters and can help the party break the GOP grip on Washington.

Veterans help group asks community for support

Three years ago Dryhootch Madison opened their door to support veterans in the community.  They provide help to veterans in need of housing, food or peer support for PTSD.  It is Dryhootch that now needs the support from the community to move into a new office space.