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How to safely embrace the outdoors in Madison

Outdoorsy options to beat the pandemic blues.

Things may look a bit different with hikers masked up, gardens and parks oriented for six-feet-apart travel, but adapted programming and adjusted hours are keeping the green thumbed people of Madison safe.

UW-Madison to register students during 'Voterpalooza'

Wisconsin's primary is on April 7

Get ready. Get registered. Even though recent polls show the Democratic race largely locked down to two, the University of Wisconsin wants to make sure its students are ready to vote this spring.

The battle for the legitimacy of women’s sports was waged here

Current popularity of women’s intercollegiate athletics may be due to pioneers at UW–Madison

Title IX — the landmark 1972 legislation that was supposed to bring equity for women’s intercollegiate athletics — was belittled, ignored and caught up in appeals for years. But incremental gains were made.

UW-Madison spends $24M to keep 200 professors from leaving

The University of Wisconsin-Madison says it spent nearly $24 million in its latest fiscal year to persuade about 200 faculty members not to leave after other universities ramped up their efforts to lure professors away in the wake of budget cuts and tenure changes.

UW Carbone Cancer Center doctor, a cancer survivor, leads research

Fight Colorectal Cancer and the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center are working together to train survivors and caregivers to advocate for further research.  The Colorectal Cancer Research Academy has drawn survivors and caregivers from across the country for two days of training.