us senate elections

Sessions eyes return to US Senate

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions might be interested in jumping into the race for his old Senate seat, but some Republicans are throwing cold water on the idea.

Major Trump donor plans private fundraiser with Romney

Stephen Schwarzman, an informal adviser and donor to President Donald Trump, is hosting a fundraiser with Sen. Mitt Romney in support of several Republicans colleagues seeking reelection, according to two people with knowledge of the event.

Capitol Hill has a very long to-do list this month

Congress returned to work this week after a long August recess and must grapple with several unresolved and pressing issues, including legislation to quell mass shootings, passing a trade pact with Canada and Mexico, and finding compromise on government funding before a fast-approaching deadline at the end of the month.

Bolton-Pompeo relationship hits new low as foreign policy tests mount

Long-simmering tensions between top figures on President Donald Trump's national security team have devolved into all-out hostility, creating a deep disconnect between staffers on the National Security Council, led by John Bolton, and the rest of the administration, six people familiar with the matter said.

6 takeaways from town halls with Bullock, de Blasio

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio offered two markedly different views of the Democratic Party at CNN town halls on Sunday, providing a stark example of the political divide inside the party.

John Hickenlooper ends presidential campaign

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper ended his bid for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday, releasing a video in which he nodded at the possibility of a future Senate run.

Senate report warns of ongoing election threat

The Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday released a wide-ranging report that detailed Russia's attempts to hack US election infrastructure during the 2016 election, urging states and the federal government to do more to prevent election cyberattacks in the future.