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Retailers are scrambling to find holiday help

If you're looking for a store employee to help you out while shopping this holiday season, you're not alone. Retailers themselves are having a lot of trouble finding the help they need.

Why American jobs could bounce back

October wasn't a great month for American jobs. But a large General Motors strike has ended, and the US labor market is expected to have found its footing again.

Bank of America to pay $20 minimum wage starting in 2020

The American job market remains tight, and banks are scrambling to find people who want to work at their branches. That's why Bank of America is raising its minimum wage to $20 an hour in 2020 — a year earlier than expected.

Despite economy, Fed likely to cut rates

The US stock market has never been higher. Unemployment is at the lowest level in nearly half a century. But Wall Street is betting the Federal Reserve will slash interest rates — and the Fed doesn't want to disappoint.

Readers' guide to the State of the Union

When Trump gave his State of the Union address last year, he was coming off one of the highest points in his presidency. He had just signed a huge tax cut into law and removed the Obamacare mandate penalty. Both the House and Senate were controlled by Republicans, and he was enjoying some of his highest approval ratings as president.

Some states move to give unemployment to shutdown workers

While federal employees missed their second paychecks Friday even as an agreement to end the partial government shutdown was announced, some states are pushing back against federal guidance to ensure that more workers have access to unemployment benefits.