US, UK scientists share Nobel Prize for Medicine

The 2019 Nobel Prize in Medicine has been jointly awarded to William Kaelin Jr., Sir Peter Ratcliffe and Gregg Semenza for their pioneering research into how human cells respond to changing oxygen levels.

UK touts new plan to attract foreign scientists as Brexit looms

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson took to Facebook Live Thursday to announce a points-based fast-track immigration route to encourage "elite researchers and specialists in science" to move to the UK -- a move which comes just 12 weeks ahead of the UK's planned withdrawal from the European Union.

Spanish elections show where the UK may be headed

Voters in Spain are voting in a general election on Sunday, and the country appears at a crossroads. As in several other European countries, a far-right party is gaining in popularity and traditional politics is fragmenting, while Spain has specific domestic issues, such as the Catalan independence movement.

'Trump Baby' blimp to fly again during his visit to London

Donald Trump is coming back to London -- and so is the "Trump Baby" blimp. A 20-foot-tall balloon depicting the United States President as a wailing baby in a nappy will fly over London again during his upcoming state visit in June, protesters have confirmed.