Tropical Storm Karen has formed

Tropical Storm Karen formed early Sunday, and a tropical storm warning has been issued for St. Vincent and the Grenadines, along with Grenada and its territories, the National Hurricane Center said.

Trump is sending humanitarian aid to Venezuela

While the Trump administration sends humanitarian aid to Venezuela and ratchets up its rhetoric against Nicolas Maduro's regime, a growing group of Venezuelans who've fled to the United States are finding themselves in legal limbo and calling on Congress for help.

Comedian Leslie Jones says America is 'way more' than Trump

Comedian Leslie Jones may appear in lots of political sketches that lampoon the President as part of her job at "Saturday Night Live," but she wants Americans to know the country is "way more" than just the commander in chief, and "always has been."

Tariffs make 1,300 products more expensive

Businesses and consumers beware. Washington put tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods on Friday, and Beijing immediately responded with penalties of an equal scale.

How Trump and Kim made it to 'hello'

This week U.S. President Donald Trump will finally come face to face with a leader who is virtually half his age, who inherited his position from his father and grandfather, and who is venerated by the millions of North Koreans who labor to keep his regime fed and in power.