Paul Ryan, other top Republicans break with Trump over FBI confidential source

Ryan, others say agency acted appropriately

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr, both Republicans, broke with President Donald Trump on Wednesday over allegations spies infiltrated his 2016 campaign, saying they agree with GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy that the FBI did "exactly" what it should have done over its handling of a confidential source.

Ryan, Walker react to Trump victory

Ryan: Trump must bring country together

House Speaker Paul Ryan calls Donald Trump's win an "incredible victory" but work now must turn to "bringing the country together."

Kaine to return to Wisconsin Sunday

Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine plans to return to Wisconsin Sunday, just days after campaigning in Appleton and Madison, according to campaign officials.

Voter fatigue produces candid candidates

Imagine if politicians spoke the truth

Will the politicians endlessly wandering Iowa finally toss their talking points and speak like real human beings? Might they actually speak the truth?