Progress continues in tornado cleanup at Verona school

June EF3 damaged gym, classrooms at Country View Elementary School

With a little over a month left in summer break, crews are working fast at Country View Elementary School in Verona to repair damage caused by an EF3 tornado on June 17.

Platteville will honor tornado cleanup volunteers at event

Event features volunteer of the year awards, recognition for tornado relief volunteers

Multiple Platteville organizations will be honoring volunteers who helped with storm cleanup at Party in the Park on Thursday, according to a release.

Sirens sounded 9 minutes after Verona tornado warning

County executive says NWS warnings will be automatically followed in future

Dane County's 911 Center officially sounded sirens at least nine minutes after a tornado warning had been issued last month during a storm that damaged numerous homes and an elementary school in Verona.

EF3 tornado damages school, homes in Verona

Storm surveys estimate wind speeds at 140 mph

Verona city officials said the storm caused significant damage to Country View Elementary School in Verona, and damaged several homes in the area of Cross Country Road and Tamarack Way.

Barneveld continues to press forward 30 years after destruction

30 years after a tornado ripped through their community, the village of Barneveld continues to move forward

Its been 30 years since the 1984 F5 tornado in Barneveld, that killed nine people, injured close to 200 and left 25 million dollars in damages in its path. An image that is still fresh in the former village president's mind.