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Voting apparel case hits Supreme Court

Several Supreme Court justices seemed troubled on Wednesday with the breadth of a Minnesota law that prohibits individuals from wearing political apparel at a polling place, but struggled at times as they discussed a more workable solution.

Tea Party groups rally in Duluth

At a Duluth rally, Sen. Johnson said President Obama has "done more to divide this country than any other president" Johnson can remember.

Neumann Got $500,000 In Grants

Solar energy companies owned by a tea party Republican strongly opposed to the 2009 federal stimulus package received half a million dollars in grants under the programs.The Associated Press reported Thursday that GOP candidate Mark Neumann's company Neumann Solar Leasing…

Peaceful Protests Lead To No Arrests

The national spotlight was shining brightly on the state of Wisconsin. Saturday was also the first day that Tea Party members showed up in support of Gov. Scott Walker, but despite opposing views there were no incidents to report.