What Wisconsin's roads shortfall could mean for taxpayers

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Often lost in the debate over how to pay for roads in Wisconsin is what the proposed solutions would do to taxpayers' pocketbooks.Under a sweeping plan from Assembly Republicans, trips to the gas station would be pricier as income taxes drop.If Gov. Scott Walker gets his way, taxpayers would pay indirectly through paying off $500 million more in debt. And major highway construction projects would be further delayed.

80 percent of state taxpayers E-file

Department expects to handle 3 million returns this tax season

Revenue officials are urging taxpayers to file electronically, saying it can shorten the time taxpayers wait for their checks, protect their identities and reduce human error.

Repayment of child care subsidy funds is slow

State is trying to recover $8 million from 300 child care providers

Wisconsin is trying to recover over $8 million from roughly 300 child care providers shut down for cheating the taxpayer-subsidized Wisconsin Shares program.