More 3rd graders in Wisconsin are considered obese

Dietitian suggests throwing out soda, adding vegetables

A new government survey shows obesity rates fell among preschoolers, but local health officials say. The numbers aren't quite as encouraging in Wisconsin.

Madison College works to close job training gap

Survey: 60 percent of employers have difficulty hiring employees

A survey of 341 Wisconsin CEOs reveals a growing concern about finding enough skilled employees to fill job vacancies and facilitate growth.

DOJ releases human trafficking report

Report used to address prevention, enforcement, victim services

The Wisconsin Department of Justice has released a report that assessed the extent of human trafficking across the state.

Survey: Wisconsinites see childhood obesity as problem

600 people surveyed last month about tobacco use, obesity

The group Transform Wisconsin announced Monday that a recent statewide survey indicates 89 percent of Wisconsinites see childhood obesity as a very serious problem.