Trump steps up war on FBI; Dems have own memo plan

The long-hyped Republican memo on the Russia investigation resolved nothing --- although it did offer an ominous glimpse of the fracture that awaits in the nation's politics when special counsel Robert Mueller wraps up his probe.

Police share bank robbery surveillance photos

Man fled on foot after robbing bank inside grocery store

Madison police are asking for the public's help in finding a man who robbed a bank inside a west side grocery store Wednesday evening.

Police: Christmas Day cellphone thief arrested

18-year-old allegedly took Family Dollar cashier's smartphone

An 18-year-old was arrested Wednesday in connection to a Christmas Day cellphone theft thanks to surveillance footage, police said.

US spying prompts reversal by anti-terror lawmaker Rep. Sensenbrenner

He gave more surveillance power to U.S. government spies, railed against civil liberties advocates who warned about privacy abuses, and famously shut down a 2005 hearing to silence critics. Now Rep. James Sensenbrenner wants to scale back some of the counter-terror laws he once championed, citing an overreach by the National Security Agency that has proven him wrong.

Wis. police chief: Officer video being misused

Milwaukee's police chief is defending one of his officers after the officer was seen on surveillance tape waiting for a man to withdraw money from an ATM and then walking away with the cash.

Madison to add 100 surveillance cameras throughout city

Surveillance video of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects was downloaded 300,000 times a second Thursday, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the cameras that caught it played a critical role in finding the men believe to be responsible.