Couple explains iconic, emotional 1986 courthouse steps photo

Man in picture: Losing farm 'felt like like going to a funeral'

An unforgettable photograph captured the Massey family anguish as Sue and Ken Massey watched their beloved home, their livelihood, their life's blood, sold off to the highest bidder. Decades later, Sue Massey has written a memoir about it.

Law aims to protect bars from underage drinkers

'Brown Jug Law' allows bars to sue underage drinkers

New Year's Eve is one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year, but a new law on the books is aimed at protecting bars from underage drinkers.

Senate passes lemon law changes

Wisconsin Senate passes bill affecting lawsuits against car manufacturers

The Wisconsin state Senate has voted to tighten the state's lemon law, which covers when consumers can sue auto manufacturers.