State of the Union

Former prisoner talks about SOTU honor

A former prisoner who was recently released as a result of the bipartisan First Step Act equated the feeling of President Donald Trump honoring him at Tuesday night's State of Union to "being released from prison."

Why so many women wore white to State of the Union address

Behind him, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sat in a white suit jacket and blouse. Before him, a block of female lawmakers donned a range of white outfits and visibly unimpressed expressions. Even his daughter Tiffany was pictured in white, with social media speculating that the choice may have been more than a coincidence.

SOTU speech audience was most partisan since 2001

President Donald Trump's State of the Union address drew a deeply Republican audience, which largely gave the President strong reviews for his address from the House chamber, according to a CNN poll conducted by SSRS immediately following the speech.

SOTU: 7 things Trump didn't talk about

President Donald Trump spent the lion's share of his first formal State of the Union address running off a laundry list of political victories, making the case for a massive new infrastructure project and, in a few brusque asides, trolling his liberal rivals.

Bernie Sanders holds his own live SOTU response

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont, held his own State of the Union response on Tuesday where he slammed President Donald Trump for being "compulsively dishonest" and creating a looming immigration "crisis" by ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Trump pledges to 'make America great again for all Americans'

President Donald Trump sought to infuse his maiden State of the Union address Tuesday with an undercurrent of optimism, issuing a call for Democrats and Republicans to look past deep national divisions in order to do good by the American people.