Maria Butina in her first interview: I'm no spy

Maria Butina, the Russian who pleaded guilty to conspiring to act as an unregistered Russian agent, rejects the idea that she was spying for Russian intelligence in a series of interviews with The New Republic, the first known that she has given.

Russian spying suspect ordered to stay in jail until trial

The defense team of spying suspect Maria Butina walked into the courtroom Monday riding high on a concession from prosecutors that they misunderstood her text message jokes about sex. Less than an hour later, however, the defense lawyers left the hearing under a gag order and with the 29-year-old Russian heading back to a Virginia jail.

Accused Russian spy Maria Butina asks for house arrest

The alleged Russian spy Maria Butina should be released from jail and placed on house arrest, her attorneys argued in a court filing Friday that seeks to paint her as a humble student whose interactions with Americans and Russians are overblown by prosecutors who indicted her for acting illegally as a foreign agent.

Former CIA officer found guilty in China spying case

A Virginia jury Friday found former CIA case officer Kevin Mallory guilty of transmitting secret and top secret documents to Chinese spies, according to a spokesman for the US attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia.

Haley slams Russia over spy poisoning in Britain

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said Wednesday the Trump administration "stands in absolute solidarity with Great Britain" following a nerve agent attack against a Russian double agent and his daughter in the English city of Salisbury last week for which the United Kingdom has blamed Russia.

UK to expel 23 Russian diplomats over spy poisoning

The UK will expel 23 Russian diplomats from the country after concluding that the Russian state is responsible for the attempted murder of a former Russian spy and his daughter on British soil, a step that marks a serious escalation of hostilities between London and Moscow.

Consumer Reports: You TV can spy on you

It's likely you don't think you've invited a spy into your home when setting up a new TV. But new Samsung, LG, and Vizio smart TVs can record and share everything that's viewed, whether it's a broadcast or something streaming from the Internet.