Apple's iPhone sales fall 17% from prior year

At one time, the staggering success of the iPhone helped catapult Apple to become the world's most valuable company. Now, its lackluster smartphone sales are dragging down Apple's business.

Samsung operating profit plunges

Samsung's operating profit plunged 60% in the first quarter, as the South Korean technology company grapples with the delayed launch of its troubled Galaxy Fold phone and waning demand for its memory chips.

How to stay connected during Hurricane Florence

A smartphone can be a lifeline in a hurricane, but preparation is key. You don't want to be frantically downloading the Red Cross first aid app with 5% battery and spotty cell connections after the power is out.

Evolution of the iPhone

Apple unveiled the first iPhone in 2007.  The first units were sold on June 29, 2007.  Take a look back at how far this game-changing smartphone has come.