silvio berlusconi

Trump court pick denounced feminists, gay-rights groups

A White House aide nominated by President Donald Trump for a federal appeals court seat has a history of denouncing women's marches against sexual assault, dismissing education about multicultural awareness and accusing a major LGBTQ group of exploiting the brutal murder of a gay student for political ends.

Berlusconi cleared to run for office

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, whose flamboyant presence has long dominated the nation's politics, will be allowed to stand for political office again, an Italian court has ruled.

Populist parties surge in Italian election

Populist parties have gained ground at the expense of establishment voices in Italy's parliamentary elections, which produced no clear winner as votes were being counted in the early hours of Monday.

Uncertainty looms as Italy votes

One of Europe's most critical elections of the year is underway, with Italians voting in a divisive parliamentary election that is likely to push the country into a state of political paralysis with no outright winner in sight.