Roach: Friday night fights

Edgewood high school never plays on its home field

Since 1881, the Crusaders of Edgewood have never played a Friday night game on their home field.

Tips for running recovery

Recovery is just as important as training

Recovery is just as important as training, and these two opposing building blocks of fitness need to be in balance.

Gear up for a run

Be prepared for runs at no matter the distance

Being prepared for a self-supported adventure takes forethought and planning.

Dane County athletes tackle the big races

Madison runners participated in Boston Marathon

Madison is seasoned at hosting the Wisconsin Ironman — considered by many to be one of the most challenging and best Ironman courses in the world.

Black Men Run Madison helps reduce health disparities

The local chapter was established in 2015

Black Men Run is a national organization, and the local chapter was established in 2015 as a program of the Rebalanced-Life Wellness Association, a nonprofit founded by Aaron Perry. 

Pacing pair: the Birkel Brothers

The brothers run together, but only on trails

Brothers Brad and Brodie Birkel are both runners and triathletes, but that’s where the similarities in their athleticism end.

Ultrarunning never ends: Jonnah Mellenthin Perkins

Ultrarunners push beyond mental and body barriers

For most ultrarunners like me, the appeal of the sport comes from the personal satisfaction of knowing we can push beyond the perceived barriers of our body and mind.

Joggin' Ginny: Ginny Ragatz

Weather conditions mean nothing to this runner

No matter if it’s a 30-below wind chill or a sizzling 98 degrees, Ginny Ragatz thinks it’s a good day to hit the sidewalk.

Lace up and run in Madison

Our city has a running-friendly community

Running isn’t always about the number of miles logged or race medals earned. Sometimes it’s just about feeling that Midwestern air sweep by as you find your stride.