Police searching for Madison Craigslist scammer

Tennessee man conned out of jewelry in Craigslist transaction

Madison police received a complaint on Dec. 5, from a resident in Greenbrier, Tennessee, of a Craigslist scam involving an individual in the Madison area, according to a report.

Area police continue to warn residents of IRS scam

Caller claims to be IRS employee, tries to get personal information from victim

Police in two area communities are warning residents of a phone scam that is targeting taxpayers, according to news releases.

BBB warns of scammers using fake websites

Websites look like legitimate websites offering holiday bargains

This year more than $2 billion was spent on Cyber Monday, and even though that's a 16 percent increase over last year, there's also an increasing number of fake websites targeting shoppers.

2 lose money in IRS, sheriff's office scams

Victims load Green Dot cards, lose money to scam callers

Two people reported being scammed out of money last week by callers claiming to be from state or local organizations after officials warned of the scams.

Sheriff: Scammers posing as law enforcement still around

Callers attempt to scare Dane County residents out of large sums of money

Scammers claiming to be law enforcement continue to call Dane County residents in an attempt to scare them out of money, according to a release from the Dane County Sheriff's Office.

Puppy lover scammed out of $2,000

Woman finds dog deal is scam

A Madison woman hoping to buy a Pomeranian puppy was scammed out of $2,000, according to a release from Madison police.

Phone scam targets parents, grandparents of UW students

UWPD: Callers demand money to bail student out of jail

Parents and grandparents of University of Wisconsin-Madison students have become the most recent targets of a phone scam, according to a release from the UW Police Department.

Scammer pretending to be officer calls MPD sergeant

Sergeant points out holes in caller's story

A phone scammer pretending to be a police officer called a Madison police sergeant who wasn't buying the con artist's story, according to a release from Madison police.

Scam calls claim to be from Madison police

Caller threatens potential arrest

More than 25 people have reported getting calls from someone claiming to be working for Madison police and threatening arrest if the call recipient doesn't send money.

Scammers threaten to turn off business' lights, gas

Police, business owners warn about callers that claim to be utility companies

You can't easily sell satellite dishes or cable networks without power, but that's what one of Luis Montoto's part-time employees thought he was facing.

Tips for tornado insurance: 'Take your time'

State warns about scammers, encourages homeowners to prepare, ask questions

Along with the hordes of people cleaning up the branches out of their own backyards, Doug Zimmerman is among the many walking around Friar Lane.

Police warn of callers trying to scam businesses

Scammers say business is behind on utility payments, might have electricity cut off

Madison police are warning businesses of scammers calling and trying to convince employees that they are behind on utility payments and in danger of having their electricity disconnected, according to a release.