saving money

5 ways to cut your energy bills

There are some really, really easy things you can do today to trim that electric and/or gas bill that haunts your mailbox month in, month out.

5 Black Friday tips to beat the crowds

It's all about going online and price matching founder Jenny Martin gives us great tips on how to save money on Black Friday - and she's not the kind of person to brave the crowds.

Blog: L.L. Bean free organizer

If you get an L.L. Bean catalog, you'll want to pay attention

I have never ordered anything from L.L. Bean but I apparently get their catalog.  Paying attention to the promo code paid off.

Consumer Reports: How to get free stuff

All you need is a computer and some time

If you think there's no such thing as free lunch, think again. There are lots of products you can get online without having to pay a cent.

Consumer Reports: Best ice cream

Taking a look at what vanilla should taste like

America's favorite ice cream is vanilla. But what makes plain vanilla really great plain vanilla?