Road salt contaminating west side well, officials say

Water utility to conduct multi-year study to fix problem

Road salt being used on Madison's west side has contaminated a well with sodium and chloride, and may require a very expensive solution, according to the Madison Water Utility.

Road salt shortage hits snow-removal contractors

It's not hard to remember last year's harsh winter, but private construction companies are still feeling the aftereffects. Contractors are battling a shortage of road salt this season, on top of skyrocketing prices.

Road salt continues to affect Madison's water

City keeping close eye on rising salt, chloride levels

This winter has demanded more salt than most. Over the course of this season, Madison plows and salt trucks have been out treating the roads 58 times compared with 34 times last year.

Cold weather forces street crews to use sand

Madison crews to focus on main arterials Wednesday

The Madison streets department is warning drivers that they won't be able to use salt to clean up city streets Wednesday due to falling temperatures.

Streets officials warn of slippery commute

Cold temperatures forcing Madison to use sand, not salt

Light snow and cold temperatures may result in slippery roads for Madison commuters Wednesday morning, and streets officials say the cold may limit what they can do to help drivers.