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Throwback Thursday: Nixon '88?

BELLEVILLE, Wis. -- This week's Traveler Throwback Thursday piece from 1988 revisits the story of a Richard Nixon superfan.

Saying 'so long' to the Avenue Bar

The East Washington institution will make way for the new Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras center, but it's not the first goodbye.

Whatever the how and why, the end of the Avenue Bar is a big deal. It came as close to being a public utility as any Madison restaurant ever has.

A UW Alum Pens an Untold Watergate Tale

James Barron's new biography helps Elias Demetracopoulos posthumously tell his mythic story

When James Barron was studying for a master’s degree at UW–Madison in the late 1960s, crossing paths with soon to be notables like Paul Soglin and Dick Cheney, his best moments were spent with Capital Times journalist John Patrick Hunter, who was ready with some advice.

Watergate's William Ruckelshaus has died

William Ruckelshaus, a key figure in the Watergate scandal and the first head of the Environmental Protection Agency, died in his sleep Wednesday, his daughter, Mary Ruckelshaus, told CNN.

Rulings against Trump on his tax returns may be tough to reverse

A US appeals court decision Monday against President Donald Trump's effort to keep his tax returns from a grand jury marks the second major court ruling in recent weeks rejecting bold assertions from the President's lawyers that would shield him from investigation.

DOJ argues courts would decide Watergate case differently today

The Trump administration argued Tuesday that courts would make a different decision today than 45 years ago when a federal judge gave Congress a secret grand jury report on evidence in the Watergate scandal -- prompting the current top judge in Washington's federal court to exclaim, "Wow."

Melania Trump heads downriver in Wyoming

In Washington this week, President Donald Trump had his hands full, trying to climb out of the seemingly endless swirl of negativism that has come on the heels of an ongoing impeachment inquiry.

How impeachment works

Calls to impeach President Donald Trump began among some Democrats almost the day he was inaugurated. They ballooned after former special counsel Robert Mueller's report to Congress about interactions between the Trump campaign and Russia and, separately, Trump's efforts to squash the investigation, potentially obstructing justice.

China doesn't need US soybeans, thanks to Richard Nixon

President Donald Trump is upset with China for buying Brazilian soybeans instead of American ones amid the ongoing trade war, but the South American industry got its start thanks to an earlier round of protectionist policies under President Richard Nixon.

Documents: Congress has received president's tax info before

House Ways and Means Committee Democrats are arguing that newly reviewed documents dating to the Nixon administration reveal that the law a congressional committee used to request President Donald Trump's tax returns has been used to request presidential tax information from the IRS before and that committee received it.

Nixon WH counsel: Mueller didn't 'vigorously pursue' Trump subpoena

Former White House counsel John Dean, whose testimony in the Watergate investigation helped topple Richard Nixon's presidency, said Wednesday that Robert Mueller did not "vigorously pursue" subpoenaing President Donald Trump as part of his special counsel's investigation.

The surprising history of impeachment and what it means for Trump

As Democrats try to square growing calls for impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump with hesitation from party leadership -- and the political reality of a Republican-controlled Senate -- it's worth understanding what's behind the concept of impeachment and why it should or shouldn't apply to Trump.

Ex-WH counsel plans to make Trump-Nixon comparison

Former White House counsel John Dean, whose testimony in the Watergate investigation helped topple Richard Nixon's presidency, said Monday he plans to tell Congress that he sees similarities between Nixon and President Donald Trump.