'A Very Brady Renovation' turns house into TV home

Thanks to the magic of television, a charming but otherwise innocuous house in Studio City, CA, took on iconic status as the fabled residence where Mike and Carol Brady raised their mixed family brood over the course of five seasons (and many on-air reunions) of "The Brady Bunch."

Sheriff: Study aims to fix jail's safety hazards

After months of controversy over renovating the Dane County Jail, the county board greenlighted more than $477,522 for a study, which the sheriff says has the potential to improve the lives and safety of inmates and staff.

Ringling circus shed in Baraboo gets renovation

Project complete after nearly a decade

Contractors have completed a more than $1 million renovation of a unique circus building which once housed train cars in Baraboo before the "greatest show on Earth" was taken across the country.