Protesting pirates demand change from local company

Group wants Rayovac to tell people to recycle batteries

Pirate costumes are not what you would expect to see at a protest, but it's something Texas protest organizer Andrew Dobbs hopes will help get a message across.

Increase in e-waste causes concern for proper recycling, officials say

Imagine a convoy of 40-ton trucks filled with end-of-life refrigerators, televisions, computers, electronic games and toys that end-to-end wraps three-quarters of the way around the Earth's equator. That is the volume of e-waste a United Nations report is forecasting will be recycled by 2017.

Illegal TV dumping could penalize property owners

Madison fines east side homeowner for sets abandoned at her curb

An aggressive approach to collecting junk TVs from the curb could put property owners at risk of being victimized from those who illegally dump electronics.

100 million pounds of e-waste recycled in Wis.

24 million pounds of TV collected in a year

Wisconsin officials say more than 100 million pounds of electronic waste has been collected since the state began an e-waste recycling program three years ago.