raw milk

Officials seek to revoke raw milk farmer's bail

Hershberger quoted that he continued to sell raw milk after being ordered to stop

Wisconsin officials have asked a Sauk County judge to send a raw milk farmer to jail for breaking conditions of his bail.

What happens to raw milk after Hershberger?

Grothman to introduce raw milk legislation

After four hours of deliberation into the early morning hours Saturday, jurors acquitted Hershberger on three charges that he didn't have proper state licensing to sell retail food, produce milk and operate a dairy plant.

Jurors deliberate in raw milk trial

Vernon Hershberger is accused of operating an unlicensed retail store selling raw milk

Jurors in the criminal trial of Sauk County farmer Vernon Hershberger are deliberating whether to convict him of operating a retail store without a license and selling raw milk and other products.

Judge refuses to dismiss Minn. raw milk charges

Farmer argues charges are similar to those he was acquitted of in another county

The judge ruled the Stearns County allegations were for actions that happened 10 days after the Hennepin County incident and involved different food items.