State committee to hold hearing on 70 mph limit

State transportation committee to hold public hearing on 70 mph speed limit proposal

Drivers will get a chance to sound off this week on a Republican bill that would raise state's speed limit.

Report: Rules skirted to give police chief raise

A report says Gov. Scott Walker's administration gave the Capitol Police chief and his top deputy double-digit pay raises after moving them on paper to fake jobs for two weeks and then back to their real posts.

UW System regents to vote on pay-raise proposal

Request asks UW workers get pay raises given to state workers

The regents of the University of Wisconsin System are expected to vote on a proposal that could eventually lead to pay raises for all UW System employees.

Wis. Police Pick Pension Or Insurance

Public safety workers are being blackmailed into contributing to their pensions, according to the state's police union, by local governments threatening to raise workers' deductibles.