Holiday gifts that give back

In 2019, Impact Your World told you about dozens of people and nonprofits making a difference in their communities -- from those fighting to stop rainforest loss and bird extinction to setting up safe spaces for sex-trafficking victims.

Myths, truths about Amazon fires

As fires have blazed across the Amazon in recent weeks, they've captivated the world. Politicians, celebrities and citizens -- from French President Emmanuel Macron to Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo -- have expressed concern about the damage being done in the region.

Brazil reels from Amazon rainforest fires

The smoke is so thick, at times the Cessna airplane had to climb to stay out of it. At times your eyes burn and you close the air vents to keep the cabin habitable. Sometimes it is so bad, it is hard to see how bad it actually is on the ground below.

7 of the coolest, most extraordinary hotels in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates welcomes millions of visitors each year with a fantastic, diverse range of hotel options, and recently announced ambitious plans to make Dubai the No. 1 tourist destination in the world by 2025.