Storms, landslides and heat hit Asia

Extreme weather is striking parts of Asia with deadly flash-flooding in Vietnam, a tropical storm prompting evacuations and disrupting travel in China and an ongoing heat wave in Japan.

Hawaii hit with devastating flooding

Hundreds of people were evacuated from flood-stricken areas of the Hawaiian island of Kauai after severe rain struck over the weekend, CNN reported. Residents are cleaning up and have needed help with basic necessities.

Heavy rain hits Madison area

People getting ready for work in southern Wisconsin should plan to bring an umbrella, as a heavy line of thunderstorms has hit southern Wisconsin.

Tigers 10, Cubs 8

J.D. Martinez's sacrifice ignited a three-run eighth as the Detroit Tigers went on to a 10-8 victory over the Chicago Cubs in a storm-delayed contest that didn't conclude until 1 a.m. on Wednesday.