$1M Powerball ticket sold in Darlington

DARLINGTON, Wis. -- Someone who bought a lottery ticket in southwestern Wisconsin in recent days just became a whole lot richer. On social media Monday morning, Wisconsin Lottery officials said someone bought a $1 million winning Powerball ticket at a…

Inside the hypersecure room where Powerball millionaires are made

In a small studio in the bowels of the Florida Lottery headquarters building in Tallahassee, two little tornadoes of balls bounce merrily around inside two blinking bright blue machines. In an instant, some of the balls will pop up from the melee and roll down to a neat metal rack, and by the power of gravity and the even hand of chance, a new Powerball millionaire will be made.

Biggest U.S. lottery jackpots

With Wednesday's Powerball drawing resulting in a $768.4 million jackpot for one winner in Wisconsin, check out where that ranks on the list of biggest U.S. lottery jackpots ever.

Who wants to be a half-billionaire?

Fantasies of buying 423 castles or 2,143 Ferraris could become reality this week now that the Powerball jackpot has topped half a billion dollars.