Law-enforcement leaders call for change in state's mental health care

Policy requires men needing emergency detention to be transported 2 1/2 hours

Mental health care advocates say it is the last thing a person in mental crisis needs at that moment, to be handcuffed, placed in the back seat of a police car and driven two and a half hours away from their family and support system.

Madison honor student spared an expulsion

A 14-year-old brings bourbon to school, initially expelled under "zero tolerance" rules

A 14-year-old honor student will be back in school Tuesday, after the Madison school board decides not to suspend her for the rest of the year after bringing bourbon to school.

Ex-DNR head criticizes agency on policy

Meyer says DNR 'absent without leave'

A former head of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says the agency is "absent without leave" when it comes to policy.