Political appointees decide on FOIA releases at Interior

The Interior Department has developed a second, undisclosed internal Freedom of Information Act review policy, which requires certain political appointees to sign off on documents before releasing them publicly, according to internal emails and documents reviewed by CNN.

Kamala Harris says she wouldn't have voted for NAFTA

Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris said she would not have voted for the North American Free Trade Agreement, the 1994 deal drawing sharp divisions on trade philosophy among candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Kushner building immigration plan

White House adviser Jared Kushner's proposal to reform the US legal immigration system will be broken into two parts: one focused on border security and the other on legal immigration, according to a senior administration official.

9th Circuit to hear oral arguments in 'Remain-in-Mexico' case

A federal appeals court heard oral arguments Wednesday in yet another challenge against one of the Trump administration's controversial immigration policies -- keeping some asylum seekers in Mexico for the duration of their immigration court proceedings.

House Dems prepare to grill Trump admin on family separation

The debate over the Trump administration's controversial "zero tolerance" immigration policy, which resulted in thousands of children being separated from their parents last year, is set to ignite Tuesday when the House Judiciary Committee holds its first hearing on the issue.

House set to vote on more than 20 bills to combat opioid addiction

The House is set to vote on more than two dozen bills this month aimed at fighting the opioid crisis, including policy changes to educate pharmacists, coordinate a national response and empowering the federal government to create a program to test alternative treatments.

Law-enforcement leaders call for change in state's mental health care

Policy requires men needing emergency detention to be transported 2 1/2 hours

Mental health care advocates say it is the last thing a person in mental crisis needs at that moment, to be handcuffed, placed in the back seat of a police car and driven two and a half hours away from their family and support system.

Madison honor student spared an expulsion

A 14-year-old brings bourbon to school, initially expelled under "zero tolerance" rules

A 14-year-old honor student will be back in school Tuesday, after the Madison school board decides not to suspend her for the rest of the year after bringing bourbon to school.