Authorities ramp up investigation into violent bank robbery

Given violent nature of robbery, there is concern robbers will hit another business

The images of two masked bank robbers pointing guns at the heads of employees of the Peoples Community Bank in Plain and the extreme actions the bank robbers took after getting the money help to explain why authorities are ramping up their investigation.

Dog, owner attack lifeguard in beach incident

Police: Lifeguard intervenes when dog attempts to attack child

A lifeguard at a Madison park was beaten Saturday afternoon after pepper-spraying a dog that had gone after a small child on a beach, according to a release.

Alleged reckless driver hits off-duty officer with pepper spray

Police: Officer observes car jump curb, cross sidewalk, almost hit another vehicle

An off-duty police officer was hit with pepper spray when he tried to make contact with the occupants of a vehicle he observed driving recklessly Sunday night, according to a release.