UK companies will have to explain CEO pay

Britain's largest companies will have to explain the gap between what they pay their CEOs and their employees under draft legislation presented to lawmakers on Monday.

College grads from the Great Recession feel left behind

Nearly a decade after graduating from Michigan State University, Jake Rubin has a good job at a consulting firm and owns a condo in Long Beach, California. Yet, he can't shake the feeling that he'd be doing even better had he not graduated during the Great Recession.

Who gets paid in a government shutdown?

One of the most frequently asked questions Americans ask when a government shutdown happens is, who continues to get paid and who doesn't? Take a look at who continues to collect a paycheck during a shutdown.

FEMA employees may have to pay back overtime pay

After a barrage of hurricanes, flooding and wildfires this year, hundreds of federal employees who responded and put in overtime could receive a bill from the government for hours they actually worked.

Committee approves 5 union contracts

A special committee of Wisconsin legislative leaders has approved a 1 percent pay raise for five state employee unions representing about 2,400 workers.