Heinen: UW–Madison's new welcome mat

One Alumni Place is a home for alumni on campus

Now there is One Alumni Place, the home of the Wisconsin Alumni Association and the newly-opened Alumni Park.

It takes a village

Time for the community to help those struggling

But there’s no ‘village’ for Madison’s children whose families are segregated by economics.

14 'best of' Madison burgers

You voted and here were your top choices

Listed here are the 14 top-nominated hamburger restaurants in Dane County according to you, the Madison Magazine reader, who cast your votes on the 2017 Best of Madison ballot.

4 great bar burgers in Madison

Some great bars that serve great burgers

Sometimes you are a restaurant that serves alcohol, and sometimes you are a bar that serves food.

3 surprising places to get good burgers in Madison

Find tasty burgers at places not known for burgers

There are some restaurants in the city that serve up great burgers when you wouldn’t even expect to be able to get a mediocre one. And life is too short to eat mediocre burgers.

Local workplaces focus on diversity

Workplaces surveyed on approaches to inclusivity

For a business to build a workforce that reflects the changing demographics of the population it serves, commitment must come from the top and permeate the organization through inclusive policies and practices.

Madison's own star gazer

Eric Wilcots shares his passion with students

Eric Wilcots, a professor in the department of astronomy at the University of Wisconsin–Madison who has been on campus for more than two decades, wants to do both research—he studies the evolution of galaxies—and share his lifelong passion for astronomy with students and the public.

Chip off the old block

Most of us grew up eating these iconic cookies

Most of us grew up eating chocolate chip cookies. As with most iconic things, the chocolate chip cookie has an interesting and contentious backstory.

The 2017 Best Places to Work

Revealing our 35 top places in the Madison Area

When it comes to keeping employees happy and productive, 35 Madison-area companies in this year’s Best Places to Work survey seem to have captured the right balance.

Recipe: A berry good kombucha

Try out this cranberry spiced drink

By adding cranberry bursts of flavor and a few other seasonally inspired ingredients, you’ll have a drink even kombucha haters are sure to enjoy.

4 capital city creatives

Artistic souls who've honed their design skills

Meet four of the city’s inspired and artistic souls who’ve honed their skills for design into wearable—and hangable—art.

Chef of the Year 2017: Daniel Bonanno is a chef's chef

A Pig in a Fur Coat's chef deeply cares about food

The executive chef and co-owner of A Pig in a Fur Coat is respected by many in the chef community, not just for his delicious food, but for the other defining characteristics that make a great chef.

Best spaces to work

Four spots had creative workplaces

Many of this year’s finalists credited their creative workspaces with contributing toward a good workplace atmosphere.