Soldiering on

200,000 troops re-enter civilian life each year

Four of Dane County’s 26,237 veterans share their stories of service to this country, finding a new normal in life after war and how they soldier on despite the challenges.  

Roach: Life in a time of chaos

To manage life start by being nice to each other

As this column is being written they are still counting the bodies in Las Vegas. Two weeks prior we were performing the same task in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Heinen: Eyes wide open

How to create the new version of urban Madison?

The race to equity report changed my thinking about cities. It was a slap in the face—a disconcerting reality check—that I should have seen coming long before I did.

Michel: A salute to veterans

Madison Magazine's November cover honors veterans

People who serve in the military earn my respect and those who die in combat are among the individuals I highly regard.

Places to find veteran support in Wisconsin

This list compiles resources available to veterans

Veterans Support The American Legion Department of Wisconsin The American Legion Department of Wisconsin, chartered in 1920, is at the helm of an employment initiative in partnership with several state and federal agencies and also home to various benefit assistance…

Local kids bank on the future

Local kids learn to manage their funds

When Summit Credit Union CEO and President Kim Sponem thought of giving local youth a chance to learn about finances by operating their own credit union, she was trying to prevent a problem she sees in adults.

View from the inside of the Capitol

Capitol photographer steps away from the lens

For the past 20 years, Jay Salvo has shot just about every happening under the dome—however exciting or mundane—as a staff photographer for the Wisconsin Legislature and other branches of government.

Dismantling the prison pipeline

‘What do I do with a child no one wants?

These stories have led me to conclude there is an active pipeline in Dane County: one in which traumatized young men and women enter the child welfare system, move into juvenile delinquency and ultimately end up in the adult criminal justice system.

13 products to elevate a kitchen

Local makers create art for the kitchen

This month’s installment of Good Eats goes out to home cooks looking to turn their kitchen into a dream space.

4 local ladies of pottery

These ladies create products for daily use

We had to make room for the local ladies of pottery, whose hands are forever caked in clay so we can wrap ours around beautiful bowls and cups.

A cut above

Barbershop is a center for community and haircuts

An Atwood Avenue barbershop draws a crowd on the east side not just for quality cuts, but also for a sense of community.

A new west side taco spot

Treat yourself at Los Atlantes

Los Atlantes is the kind of place to sate your midweek Mexican food craving by either picking up a to-go order or enjoying a quick dine-in meal.

4 health organizations to watch

These organizations hold promise for the future

Madison’s burgeoning health field is fueled in part by startups, nonprofits and special programs. Madison Magazine also recognizes four organizations that hold promise in helping the region become the next hub of health innovation. 

Yumbutter is nuts for change

Yumbutter began its journey modestly

 After starting in the back of Bloom Bake Shop's kitchen, Yumbutter turned into a staple in Madison's grocery stores.

George Austin keeps his eye on the prize

A man who has impacted many large Madison projects

Some of the biggest development projects of the last 30 years—Monona Terrace, the Overture Center for the Arts, the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery—were realized in no small part due to Austin’s involvement. Yet many in Madison won’t recognize his name. He'    

All aboard the dining car days

Eating on a train was an enchanting experience

What I truly mourn is the demise of the dining car, with its starched linen, polished silver and gleaming crystal.

5 November events to kick off the holiday season

Hearts may grow three sizes with Grinch musical

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch, yet audiences adore you. “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical” takes the holidays to a new level at Overture Hall at the Overture Center for the Arts.

Hanah Jon Taylor is a champion for Madison jazz

Café CODA hopes to reopen on Williamson St.

Taylor has a vision for a jazz venue he won’t compromise even if it has put him on an ongoing search for a place that can offer patrons excellent music, comfortable seating, a full bar and tasty food.

Taking a look at the 2017 M List Winners

What do these winners have to say about their work

The 2017 M List recognizes local leaders and innovators in the health field who are influencing the economic landscape of the region.

A men's health center housed within a barbershop

The CEO envisions a spot for black men's health

Aaron Perry, founder and CEO of RLWA, recalls “sitting in the chair, getting my haircut and visualizing where I would put a men’s health center if I brought it to the barbershop.” Years later, the health center has become reality.