Meeting over near east side BBQ restaurant turns contentious

Residents complain over noise and smell from restaurant

For a lot of people, the smell of low-and-slow barbecue smoking is an appetizing one.But for some residents of Madison's Marquette neighborhood on the city's near east side, the smells of fresh barbecue from That BBQ Joint on Williamson Street were upsetting enough to require a neighborhood meeting at the restaurant Saturday afternoon.

Janesville police fight war on drugs with neighborhood plan

Police ask citizens to be diligent in calling in issues, concerns

Police in Janesville are trying to fight drug issues in the area after several complaints from community members this summer. In a new approach to fight the war on drugs the Janesville Police Department has put together an eight-step plan to help make residents feel secure.

Madison neighbors seek school district switch

People living on far SE side say McFarland schools are closer fit for their families

A group of her neighbors is going door-to-door with information about the district detachment process.