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The untold story of people of color and public land preservation

James Edward Mills' forthcoming book, contracted by National Geographic, is the latest project for the prolific journalist, photographer and creator of 'The Joy Trip Project.'

The new James Edward Mills book from National Geographic tells the untold story of the role people of color have played in the preservation of public lands.

Study: Air pollution in national parks on level with 20 US cities

Step out on a beach shore, up on a mountain peak, or into a sequoia grove, and many instinctively take the quintessential deep breath of fresh air. You know the one. The one where you breathe in so deeply through your nose that you feel your chest push up into your shoulders.

These are America's most popular national parks

Nearly 331 million people visited the National Park Service's 417 sites around the United States in 2017, a slight dip from the 331 million record-breaking visits during its centennial anniversary year in 2016.