Benedict Cumberbatch saves cyclist from muggers

It was a case of life imitating art as British actor Benedict Cumberbatch -- known for playing superhero Doctor Strange in the Marvel movies -- is credited with fighting off a group of assailants attempting to mug a delivery cyclist.

Madison police investigate east side mugging

Police: Woman pushed to the ground, has wallet and cellphone stolen

Madison police are investigating who pushed a 29-year-old woman to the ground Thursday night before running off with her wallet and cellphone.

4 teens mug Sun Prairie man

Man punched, wallet taken, police say

A Sun Prairie man was grabbed from behind by four muggers who took his wallet Wednesday night, according to a release from Madison police.

Woman mugged on bike path

Victim gives police description of robber

A Madison woman was mugged while walking to work on a bike path Monday morning, according to Madison police.

Police: Men armed with box cutter steal wallet

Authorities look for robbers in west side incident

Madison police said West District officers responded to report of an armed robbery in the 500 block of Zor Shrine Place late Wednesday morning.

Woman rushed by group, mugged

A Madison woman told police she was rushed by a group of young people, robbed and punched in the head on the city's north side Tuesday morning.

81-year-old woman mugged

An 81-year-old Madison woman was injured and purse was stolen during a strong-arm robbery, according to Madison police.