Record dairy prices help farmers make it through down years

Dairy farmers use profits from good years to improve efficiency

When dairy prices hit a record high this year Lloyd Holterman, a dairy farmer for 33 years, didn't get too excited. He's been in the business long enough to know that what goes up must come down.

Higher milk prices not causing cheesemakers problems

Cheesemakers often plan for price hikes a year in advance

As thousands celebrated a century of Green Co. Cheese Days by spending thousands, many cheese makers say the recent milk price spike does not cause them any cost-curdling fears.

Dairy farmers disagree on sales of raw milk

Advocates say raw milk tastes better and has more nutrients

When it comes to the sale of raw milk, even dairy farmers who drink their own raw product disagree over whether they and their peers should be allowed to sell it.

Raw milk advocates plan rally outside trial

Trial scheduled for next week

Raw milk advocates say they expect hundreds of supporters to turn out next week for the trial of a Wisconsin farmer charged with several licensing violations.

Legislature to consider another raw milk bill

The state Legislature is expected to consider another bill legalizing the sale of unpasteurized milk in Wisconsin, legislation that could have Gov. Scott Walker's support if it contains safeguards for consumers' health.