Metro bus driver cleared in deadly incident

Man fell into area near bus wheel, police say

A Madison Metro driver who was behind the wheel when his bus struck a man who later died has been cleared, according to a Metro transit official.

Madison Metro driver punched in face

Camera images used to make arrest

A Madison Metro bus driver was punched twice in the face by a man who wanted to get a free ride, according to a release from Madison police.

Madison ranked greenest city in nation

Website measured air quality, alternative modes of travel, natural features

With Earth Day just around the corner, a website has ranked Madison the greenest city in the nation.

Teen punches senior on bus, police say

18-year-old says man had been drinking, antagonized him, friends

A Madison teen is arrested Saturday after police say he attacked a senior passenger on a city bus.

Some Madison workers get thousands in overtime pay

36 workers earned more than $15,000 in overtime

While the top earners in Madison city government include high-level managers and attorneys, records show some bus drivers, mechanics and police officers earned thousands in overtime pay.