Michel: A wellspring of social change

Young people are working toward change

But this year’s reawakening of nature also came with a wellspring of unexpected sights and sounds — the rise of young people working for social change.

Recipe: Caprese Pasta Salad

A pasta dish made for springtime

Besides the warmer weather, I’m excited for all the fresh produce and barbecued foods we typically eat this time of year.

Love Wisconsin project aims to connect people online

Jet Waller and Megan Monday launched in 2015

Jet Waller and Megan Monday are a formidable duo of creative entrepreneurs using their human superpowers in technology and storytelling to spur social change in Wisconsin.

Cajun vs. Creole: A confounding conundrum

What's the difference between the cooking styles?

In recent years, the difference between Cajun and Creole food has become somewhat muddled. However, the two cultures remain very distinct.

Agencies are becoming social media savvy

Ad agencies find millennials tricky to target

The $1 million marketing campaign launched earlier this year by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., or WEDC, to lure millennials from Chicagoland to the Badger State is going heavy on social media. 

Robert J. Bushy goes from bashful to bold

Hairstylist is known for transformative styling

Robert J. Bushy is shy. That might not seem remarkable. A lot of people are shy. But Bushy, a Madison native, is a hair stylist. It’s not usually a profession for the withdrawn.

4 childhood faves with adult twists

These playful remakes are all grown up

As adults, we often crave childhood favorites to recreate memories. We seek them at restaurants, aim to reinvent them in our own kitchen and ask our family members for those cherished recipes.

14 summer outdoor dining experiences

Soak up the sunshine with good food and company

Take advantage of warm weather and beautiful Wisconsin scenery with one-of-a-kind food experiences offered this summer.

6 must-see May Madison events

Start off the month with Spring Gallery Night

Start off the month with Spring Gallery Night. More than 50 facilities throughout the city will showcase artwork.

Heinen: Madison Reunion is a party with a purpose

The three-day event will be June 14-16

The three-day event is taking place at the Memorial Union with all the atmosphere and amenities offered by the Union in the summer. There’ll be music, art, the breaking of bread and the sharing of what one might choose to share in the spirit of the event’s origins.

Roach: The baseball glove

The game Breese Stevens in 1966 proved significant

The location was Breese Stevens Field. The event was the Madison City League Baseball Championship. The time was the summer of 1966. 

Finding a sustainable catch in Madison

More are raising questions on sustainable seafood

Madisonians know where to buy locally sourced meat and produce, but not so much when it comes to seafood. Where our fish comes from, how it gets to us and what practices are used are questions that run as deep as the waters being fished.