Roach: Water brings our mind peace

Find peace around water for a Blue Mind

I am always happy to be in the waters of our lake, so I wasn’t angry. In fact, it fills me with joy just to look at it, just as it makes me happy to gaze upon our Madison lakes.

Heinen: Madison Community Foundation leaves a lasting legacy

The truth to MCF's new web name, Madison Gives

When I first heard the Madison Community Foundation was changing its web address—and to a degree, its identity—to Madison Gives, I was a little disarmed by its simplicity. But that’s its beauty isn’t it? Madison gives. Why not just say it?

Michel: Come what May

Madison comes alive in May

Madison’s landscape comes alive in May with blooming foliage that thrives in our short growing season.

Wisconsin making a name for itself in BBQ world

This ain't no backyard barbecue

If you asked where the best barbecue in the U.S. is found, Wisconsin would be missing from the list topped by Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Kansas City, Missouri. 

16 brunch hotspots in Madison

Brunch knows no rules at these places

Madison is not short on brunch options. From avocado toast and jumbo New York bagels to Wisconsin originals (like a cheese curd breakfast burrito), you won’t want to miss a single weekend brunch opportunity. 

Everly brings Cali-inspired food to Madison

Trendy food that is tasty and healthy

The light-filled new breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner restaurant with a full bar gives market-forward diners everything they’ve been craving in Madison—delicious and trendy food that is as tasty and beautiful as it is healthy.

Bill Malone: The country music chronicler

Old-time music scholar hits milestones

Since living in Madison, Bill Malone has published books, launched a popular radio show and received a lifetime achievement award from the Society for American Music.

4 teas to try at Macha

Refreshing teas to cleanse your palette

From smoky and sweet to organic and floral, these 4 teas will refresh and cleanse your palette.

Sector67 hackerspace prepares to expand

This hackerspace stirs creative juices

Sector67 is Madison’s first and friendliest hackerspace, where humans of all ages show up to hone their hobbies, experiment, invent and, best of all, learn, share and have fun.

Meet five of Madison's most fashionable people

Fashion is an integral part of these Madisonians

These fashion-forward Madisonians prove that style isn’t just throwing on whatever’s clean—it’s an integral part of who they are. Read on for five inspirational people who could give all of us a little schooling in panache. 

All the data newcomers need to know

Quick information about the isthmus city

If you've recently moved to Madison, or are thinking about moving to Madison, here is some quick information about the isthmus city.

Schenk-Atwood: Main Street, U.S.A.

Comfortable homes, retail shops and restaurants

Find comfortable, modest single-family homes and duplexes mixed in with retail shops and restaurants.