Burke says voters care about abortion views

Walker says voters focused on economy

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke says she believes voters do care about the candidates' views on abortion and women's health issues, even though Gov. Scott Walker says people he meets are focused on the economy.

Gender gap in governor's race driving messages

Stars of Burke, Walker political TV ads discuss supporting candidates

A distinct divide has developed in the race for governor this year, and it isn't just between Republicans and Democrats.

Reality Check: Debate statements need context

In a debate Friday night, Gov. Scott Walker and challenger Mary Burke defended their positions and went on the attack. Along the way they made some statements News 3 put through a Reality Check.

Burke, Walker try to win over women

Fight for female vote comes as the race remains razor-thin, despite a massive gender divide

Candidates for Wisconsin governor are trying to win over women.

Republicans attack Burke's stand on outside money

Burke spokesman says she's playing by same rules as Walker

The state Republican Party is accusing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke of being a hypocrite for saying she wants to outlaw campaign donations from outside Wisconsin.