Police: Deadly incidents with peaceful endings outnumber alternative

The Madison Police Department has faced intense public scrutiny following the shooting death of 19-year-old Tony Robinson at the hands of one of its officers – but another deadly situation, taking place that same day but with a very different ending, has largely missed the spotlight.

City officially swears in new police chief

Koval has been with department for almost 30 years

The Madison police force is officially under new leadership. Mike Koval was sworn in Wednesday afternoon. He's Madison's 29th chief in the department's 158-year history.

Wray's career defined by failure to supervise Officer Heimsness

Chief Wray started working for the Madison Police Department around the time Paulie Heenan was born. He's had achievements over his 28-year tenure, but we will always remember him by his career defining failure to properly supervise, investigate, and reprimand a bigoted, volatile cop until after he ended our friend Paulie Heenan's life.