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East High School tries to set a new tone with jazz

As jazz echoes though the halls of East High School students stop to groove.  They're drawn to the band of seven as the musicians improvise some of the genre's standards.  Their feet tap.  Their hips sway.  Their spirits lift. 

Madison East looking to make some noise

MADISON, Wis. - The last time the Madison East Purgolders were all on the same field was 2019.Now, the team is back together and living by the motto, "110% all the time." The Purgolders…

Sun Prairie qualifies for WIAA playoffs

While both teams came into the game with a chance to make the WIAA playoffs, by halftime it was clear Sun Prairie was going to qualify and Madison East would fall short of contention. The Cardinals took a 48-6 lead into the locker room at halftime during the homecoming game at Ashley Field on Friday night.

Middleton dominates on ground to beat Madison East

The key to the game for Middleton was clock management and keeping the high-powered Madison East offense off the field. Middleton's first drive spanned 63 yards on 14 plays. Cam Maly finished off the drive with a 3-yard run to put the Cardinals up 7-0.